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ICT Components for Individuals

The ICT Essentials suite of courses feature a comprehensive set of learning materials, which include:

Demonstration Videos (NEW)

Informative videos demonstrating important topics in the course.

Links to Learn More

Links to 3rd party Web sites you can go to learn more about a topic.

Lesson Overviews

Each lesson of every ICT course begins with an overview of the technology skills, key terms, resources, and objectives covered in the lesson.

Suggested Lesson Activities

Each lesson contains a variety of online activities to supplement learning.

Supplemental Files

When appropriate, ICT courses include supplemental files (e.g., spreadsheets, word-processing documents, database files, images) that are referenced and used during the course for instruction or activities.

Lesson Quizzes

Each lesson ends with a lesson quiz containing multiple-choice questions to test students on their knowledge of lesson objectives. Online and hands-on versions for teachers to assign at the end of each lesson.


Full-color screen shots and easy to read tables which provide visual reinforcement of concepts.

Case Studies

Each course contains Case Study projects geared to help you put in practice and test their knowledge of the course objectives.

Download Sample Download Sample Case Studies

Practice Exams

Each course includes practice tests at beginning,  intermediate and advanced levels to enable your progress, learning gains, and determine readiness for the qualifying certificate exam.

Qualifying (Certificate) Exam

At the end of each ICT Essentials course, at the advanced level you have the opportunity to earn an ICT Digital Tool Certificate by passing a summative exam, proving mastery of the ICT Essentials topic.

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