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ICT Communication Essentilas

The ICT Communications Essentials course focuses on fundamentals of effective communications in a technological society. In this course, students will:

  • Learn about basic network functions and Internet connections
  • Use strategies and techniques for efficient Web searching
  • Explore issues related to online safety and privacy
  • Learn strategies for creating effective Web site content
  • Study the tools, practices and etiquette needed for communicating effectively with e-mail

Course Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Using the Internet and the World Wide Web

Lesson Sections

  • What Is the Internet?
  • "The Cloud"
  • How Data Travels
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Internet Addressing
  • What Is the World Wide Web?

Suggested Activities

  • Internet Connections Terms (Hands-On/Online)
  • Internet Connections – Find-the-Fib Game (Team)
  • TLD Matching (Online)
  • IP Addresses Hunt (Online)
  • How Browsers Work (Online)
  • Connecting to the Internet & Using a Browser (Online)
  • Domain Names Scavenger Hunt (Online)
  • What is Required to Connect to the Internet (Hands-On/Online)

Lesson 1 Quiz

Lesson 2: Searching the Web

Lesson Sections

  • Understanding Search Engines
  • Evaluating a Web site
  • Copyright and Fair Use
  • Citing Sources

Suggested Activities

  • Internet Searching Techniques (Teacher-Led)
  • Internet Scavenger Hunt (Hands-On)
  • Creating a Boolean Search (Online)
  • Protected by Copyright (Hands-On)
  • Creative Project – Copyright and Fair Use (Team)
  • Copyright (Online)
  • Favorite Sport Report (Hands-On)
  • Evaluating a Web site (Teacher-Led)
  • Evaluating a Web site – Advanced (Teacher-Led)
  • Citing Your Sources (Hands-On)

Case Study

  • Web Research – The Good, The Bad, The Biased (Team)

Lesson 2 Quiz

Lesson 3: Internet Life and Privacy

Lesson Sections

  • Social Networking and My Privacy
  • What Is Cyberbullying?
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Virus Protection

Suggested Activities

  • My Digital Log (Hands-On)
  • Group Digital Log (Team)
  • Digital Footprint Map (Hands-On)
  • Online Digital Footprint Map (Hands-On)
  • My Digital Footprint (Online)
  • Build a Secure Online Identity (Hands-On)
  • Cyberbullying 10-Tip Plan (Hands-On)
  • Cyberbullying 10-Tip Plan – Advanced (Hands-On)
  • Acceptable Use Responsibilities Project (Team)
  • AUP, Cyberbullying, and More (Online)
  • Case Study - Attacked from All Sides (Team)
  • How Malware Works (Teacher-Led)

Case Study

  • Attacked from All Sides (Team)

Lesson 3 Quiz

Lesson 4: Creating Content for the Web

Lesson Sections

  • Writing for the Web
  • Accessing Graphics for the Web
  • Creating a Basic Web Page

Suggested Activities

  • Writing Effective Web Content – Venn Diagram (Hands-On)
  • Writing Effective Web Content – HTML (Team)
  • Writing Effective Web Content – Online (Team)
  • Writing for the Web (Online)

Lesson 4 Quiz

Lesson 5: Communicating Using E-Mail

Lesson Sections

  • Introduction to E-Mail
  • Understanding E-Mail Addresses
  • Sending and Receiving E-Mail Messages
  • E-Mail Etiquette

Demonstration Videos

  • Setting Up Gmail
  • How To Compose a Message
  • How To Attach Files

Suggested Activities

  • Compose an E-Mail Message (Hands-On)
  • Parts of an E-Mail Message (Hands-On)
  • E-Mail Address Book (Teacher-Led)
  • E-Mail Etiquette and Safety Learning Log (Hands-On)
  • E-Mail Etiquette and Safety Learning Log – Advanced Extension (Team)
  • Classroom Guide to E-Mail Etiquette and Safety (Team)
  • Comparing Mail (Online)

Lesson 5 Quiz

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