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Gaming Essentials
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ICT Gaming Essentilas

The ICT Gaming Essentials course focuses on fundamentals of interactive computer game creation. Students will

  • Learn about the design process for creating a gaming program, including criteria and constraint identification, content research and storyboard creation
  • Study computer programming concepts that are essential to game development, including program flow modeling, program code creation, and result evaluation and modification practices

Course Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Introduction to Game Design

Lesson Sections

  • Why We Play Games
  • The Design Process for Creating Games

Suggested Activities

  • Gaming Types (Online)
  • Rolls and Genres of Games (Hands-on)
  • Deconstructing a Game In Scratch to Analyze It (Hands-on)
  • Deconstructing a Game in Groups (Team)

Case Study

  • Storyboarding Your Game (Hands-on)

Lesson 1 Quiz

Lesson 2: Introduction to Programming for Games

Lesson Sections

  • How the Programmer Interacts with the Computer
  • Understanding Algorithms
  • Introduction to Flowcharts and Pseudocode

Suggested activity

  • Practice Being a Programmer (Hands-on)
  • How Algorithms Work – Making a Sandwich (Hands-on)
  • How Algorithms Work – Programming Structures (Hands-on)
  • Solving Your "Race to the Finish" Game Bug (Hands-on)
  • Algorithm or Pseudocode? (Online)
  • Pseudocoding The Shark Game (Hands-on)

Case Study

  • Pseudocoding Your Game

Lesson 2 Quiz

Lesson 3: Basic Programming Concepts

Lesson Sections

  • Introduction to Programming Concepts

Suggested Activities

  • Boolean Operators (Online)
  • Boolean Expressions (Online)
  • The Language of a Programmer (Hands-on)
  • Understanding Variables in Scratch (Hands-on)
  • Objects, Methods and Functions Simplified (Hands-on)
  • Objects, Arguments, Events and Event Handlers in Scratch (Hands-on)

Case Study

  • Programming Your Game and Gathering Feedback (Hands-on)

Lesson 3 Quiz

Lesson 4: Creating Interactive Games

Lesson Sections

  • Creating an Interactive Game

Suggested Activities

  • Create an Animation Using Scratch (Hands-on)
  • Going Bananas (Hands-on)
  • Scratch Step-It-Up Project (Hands-on)
  • Scratch Level-Up Team Project (Team)

Case Study

  • Invent with Scratch (Game)
  • Invent with Scratch (Demo)

Lesson 4 Quiz

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