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Multimedia Essentials
- Media Technology Domain -

ICT Multimedia Essentilas

The ICT Multimedia Essentials course teaches students fundamental multimedia skills. In this course, students will:

  • Learn how to presentation software, graphics software, and other digital and multimedia tools create a slide presentation with titles, text and images
  • Use transitions, animation and sound in the presentation
  • Learn graphics topics including vector and bitmap images, file formats, and terms related to the creation of graphical images
  • Use graphics software tools to create, enhance and modify and images
  • Create a multimedia presentation that incorporates edited video, animation and sound, and that demonstrates good design, smooth transitions and effective message delivery

Course Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Using Presentation Software

Lesson Sections

  • Presentation Software Basics
  • Creating Effective Presentations
  • Storing Your Documents
  • Presentation Software Overview
  • Getting Started with Presentation Software
  • Working with Slide Layouts
  • Working with Slides
  • Working with Slide Masters
  • Finding and Proofing Content
  • Working with Text and Objects
  • Working with Transitions and Animations
  • Working with Speaker Notes
  • Viewing a Presentation
  • Sharing a Presentation
  • Publishing a Presentation to the Web
  • Printing a Presentation
  • Downloading a Presentation

Suggested activity

  • Analyzing Presentation Examples (Hands-on)
  • Inserting Objects and Editing in Google Slides
  • Inserting Objects and Editing in PowerPoint
  • Presentation Terms – Matching (Hands-on)
  • Presentation Terms (Online)

Demonstration video

  • Accessing Google Drive
  • Accessing OneDrive
  • Getting Started with Google Slides
  • Getting Started with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Themes in Google Slides
  • Themes in Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Naming a Google Slide Presentation
  • Naming a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Opening & Closing Google Slides
  • Opening & Closing PowerPoint Slides
  • Using Thumbnails in Google Slides
  • Using Thumbnails in PowerPoint Slides
  • Exploring the File Menu in Google Slides
  • Exploring the Home Tab in PowerPoint
  • Applying themes in Google Slides
  • Applying themes in Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Changing Backgrounds in Google Slides
  • Changing Backgrounds in PowerPoint
  • Selecting Slides in Google Slides
  • Selecting Slides in PowerPoint
  • Changing Slide Layouts in Google Slides
  • Changing Slide Layouts in PowerPoint
  • Working with Placeholders in Google Slides
  • Working with Placeholders in PowerPoint
  • Adding New Slides in Google
  • Adding New Slides in PowerPoint
  • Modifying Presentations Google
  • Modifying Presentations PowerPoint
  • Working with Slide Masters in Google
  • Working with Slide Masters in PowerPoint
  • Formatting Text and Objects Google Slides
  • Formatting Text and Objects PowerPoint
  • Working with Objects in Google Slides
  • Working with Objects in PowerPoint
  • Working with Images in Google Slides
  • Working with Images in PowerPoint
  • Adding YouTube Videos in Google Slides
  • Adding Videos in PowerPoint
  • Tables in Google Slides
  • Tables in PowerPoint
  • Working with Transitions and Animations in Google Slides
  • Working with Transitions and Animations in PowerPoint
  • Adding Speaker Nots in Google Slides
  • Adding Speaker Notes in PowerPoint
  • Working with Completed Presentations Google Slides
  • Working with Completed Presentations PowerPoint

Case study

  • Working with a Presentation

Lesson 1 Quiz

Lesson 2: Using Graphics Software

Lesson Sections:

  • Working with Graphics and Graphics Software
  • Getting Started with Pixlr Editor
  • Using the Help Menu
  • Using the Navigator Panel and View Menu
  • Using the Image Menu
  • Using the Tools Palette
  • Using the Layer Menu and the Layers Panel
  • Using the Adjustment Menu
  • Using the Filter Menu

Suggested activity

  • File Types (Online)
  • The Pixlr Toolbar (Online)
  • Reviewing the Pixlr Editor Toolbar (Hands-on)
  • Reviewing the Adjustment Menu (Teacher-led in Pixlr)
  • Graphics Software Fill-in-the-Blanks (Hands-on)
  • Reviewing the Use of Filters (Hands-on in Pixlr)

Demonstration videos

  • Introducing Pixlr
  • Opening an Image on Your Computer
  • Tour of Pixlr
  • Working with Panels
  • View and Navigation Panel
  • Cropping vs. Resizing
  • Using History
  • Creating Layers
  • Using Filters

Case study

  • Creating an Image

Lesson 2 Quiz

Lesson 3: Communication Using Digital and Multimedia Technologies and Tools

Lesson Sections

  • Capturing Video
  • Video editing
  • Capturing and Editing Audio
  • Creating Your Video
  • Creating Your Presentation

Demonstration video

  • Tour of WeVideo
  • Insert Video in Google Slides
  • Insert Video in PowerPoint

Lesson 3 Quiz

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